Papua New Guinea Diving


Papua New Guinea Diving

General Information

Papua New Guinea Diving


Air Niugini - Call 180 3444 or visit 

PNG Air - Call 325 0555 or visit 


Jackson’s Airport in Port Moresby is the international gateway to the country. For visitors making a same-day connection to a domestic port the Transfer Desk is located within the Departure Hall at the International Terminal. The Domestic Terminal is located 100m away, accessible via a covered walkway. 


For international flights to/from PNG the standard allowance is 20kgs in Economy Class, 30kgs in Business Class. Air Niugini allows an additional 15kgs for dive gear. Divers making same-day domestic connections or within 24hrs qualify for this extra allowance. For domestic flights the standard allowance is 16kgs.


A Bank South Pacific outlet is located within the International Arrivals area. Westpac, ANZ and other BSP branches are located in all main centres.


The country is named Papua New Guinea or simply PNG. It is politically incorrect to refer to it as 'Papua' or 'New Guinea' unless referring to specific geographic locations.

The capital city is Port Moresby. PNG has a population of 7 million. 

Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern portion of the island of New Guinea, the second largest island in the world. The country consists of a mainland with some 600 islands, of which New Britain, New Ireland and Bougainville are the largest.

The late 19th century was still the era of colonisation and by the onset of the First World War the country was already divided into two: British Papua with their headquarters in Port Moresby, and German New Guinea based in Rabaul. Two years after the War saw a civilian administration set up to govern the Australian Territory of Papua and the United Nations Trust Territory of New Guinea. New developments, expansion and investment over the next twenty years improved the social and economic standing of the indigenous population.

In 1973 self -government was attained, then on 16 September 1975 Papua New Guinea became an independent state. Adopting the Westminster form of government, PNG is a member of the British Commonwealth with strong ties to Australia. The economy is based largely on resources such as gold, copper, oil, gas, copra, timber, palm oil, fisheries, tea, coffee and increasingly, tourism.

Papua New Guinea Diving


The unit of currency is the Kina which is divided into 100 Toea. Most major currencies and credit cards are accepted by resorts, on live-aboard vessels and by other leading suppliers.

Dress Sense

For most occasions dress is informal though slippers and shorts are not allowed in most bars and restaurants. Lightweight clothing is suitable in coastal areas but a sweater will be needed in the cooler Highlands areas. As a courtesy to local standards and customs visitors are asked to dress modestly.

E&S Fees

Environment & Safety fee, an industry support fee of US$6 / A$7 per diver per day of diving. It is paid to each dive operator at the end of the stay. 

Electricity Supply

240 volts AC 50Hz using Australian-style plugs. 110 volt outlets are available for shavers and hair dryers.


Malaria is prevalent throughout the country. Visitors are advised to consult their physician about anti-malarial medications.


Visitors are strongly urged to purchase comprehensive dive and travel insurance. 

Papua New Guinea Diving

International Access

Weekly flights to Port Moresby from Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, Tokyo Narita, Honiara and Nadi. Daily flights to Port Moresby from Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney.


Although PNG is host to one-third of the world's languages, English is the language of education and business. Tok Pisin and Motu are also widely spoken.


To call PNG dial country code 675 + number. To call from PNG dial 00 + country code + number. Mobile and Internet service providers are Digicel and B-Mobile.

Tourism Information

Visit Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority 

Annual Cultural Events:

• Rabaul Mask Festival - July • Mt Hagen Show - August • Goroka Show - September • Morobe Show - October • Milne Bay Canoe Festival - November

The dates vary each year so check with your agent or visit 


All dive operators provide airport transfers which are generally included in the tariff. Hotel courtesy buses and car rental services are available at airports in all major centres. Metered taxis are available in Port Moresby. 

Papua New Guinea Diving


For most nationalities a 60-day tourist visa can be purchased on arrival at Port Moresby International Airport at a cost of K100. Check with your travel agent for the most up-to-date information.

Water temperature & Visibility

26 °C along the edge of the Coral Sea and up to 31 °C in the Bismarck Sea. Visibility ranges from 50 to 150 feet.