Environment & Safety Fee

Papua New Guinea Diving

An Industry Support Fee

The Environment & Safety Fee has been established for two primary purposes:

  • To ensure the continued availability of a hyperbaric recompression facility, help fund operating costs, training programs and to treat divers in Papua New Guinea . 
  • To sustain and expand the capacity of the PNG Divers Association to participate in a range of programs and activities in support of ensuring implementation of the Environmental Code of Ethics, and the protection and management of Papua New Guinea's unique marine bio-diversity. 

The E&S Fee is US$ 9 or AU$ 10 per diver per day of diving, and is paid to the dive operator at the end of the visit. The E&S Fee is NOT an insurance but rather an industry support fee. 

Hyperbaric Partners Limited (HPL) operates a Twin Lock unit to international guidelines.  Evacuation with nursing support for injured diver stabilization and oxygen therapy is arranged using pressurized jet aircraft. 

PNGDA & HPL do not meet evacuation costs, which can be high. For this reason it is strongly recommended that divers in Papua New Guinea hold comprehensive medical and evacuation insurance. The Papua New Guinea Divers Association thanks you for your support of the Environment & Safety Fee.