Papua New Guinea Divers Association


The Papua New Guinea Divers Association is a members-based organisation representing the interests of the dive industry of PNG. Recognised as a leading industry association, the strength of the PNGDA lies in the co-operative approach of Members interacting with other industry bodies to address matters relating to the sustainable development of dive tourism in PNG. 

The PNGDA Secretariat is today entirely funded through its own income sources, although it continues to work in close partnership with the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority on marketing and tourism development projects.  

The PNGDA Executive Committee members are elected at the annual general meeting to oversee the management of the Association. Serving for a period of two years, the Committee members for 2019 – 2021 are: 



LINDA HONEY  Vice President

ANGE AMON  Secretary 

JOHN MILLER  Treasurer 

DIETMAR AMON  Islands Region Representative  

Brief History

Over the years independent dive operators have promoted Papua New Guinea's dive tourism industry. In time, with the number of dive operations increasing, there arose a need for a central body, not only to co-ordinate industry activities, but also to act as a lobby group for operators' concerns. In 1994 the Papua New Guinea Divers' Association was incorporated.

In recognising the efforts of the industry, the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority granted funds allocated for general dive tourism, to the PNGDA. In January 1998 this assistance made possible the formation of the PNGDA Secretariat. It is through the Secretariat that activities such as overseas promotions, advertising, and co-ordination of environmental projects are carried out.