Environmental Mooring Program

Papua New Guinea Diving

In partnership with The Nature Conservancy, United Nations Development Program and the Seacology Foundation, the PNGDA initiated its Environmental Mooring Program. Two hydraulic drill rigs, a jackhammer and mooring pins were purchased with the sole purpose of installing permanent environmental moorings on all dive sites in Papua New Guinea. The moorings serve to eliminate damage caused by boat anchors on reefs. A hole is drilled into hard coral then a stainless steel pin is cemented into the hole. A chain with a float is then attached to the pin, allowing boats to tie onto the chain without dropping anchors.

Other facets of this program include awareness at primary and secondary schools, as well as joint efforts with non-governmental organisations concerned with marine conservation. As the need for more moorings continues to grow, Diversion Dive Travel, through the Coral Reef Alliance funding program, sponsored a second jackhammer.

As specified in the Environmental Code of Ethics, Members of the PNGDA are ever conscious of the need to preserve the marine environment and all operators exercise a very strict 'look but don't touch' policy. The Environment & Safety Fee (E&S Fee) helps to maintain our efforts to protect the unique marine biodiversity of Papua New Guinea.

PNGDA continues to seek donor funding to sustain the Environmental Mooring Program.